Terms of service


The hereunder uploading terms (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") regulate mutual relations between World-Wide Web Internet users (hereinafter referred to as the "Users") and the asfile.al File Sharing System http://www.asfile.al (hereinafter referred to as the "Service").


Account activation by the User upon registration in the Service, file upload via the Service, file download via the Service and acquiring extended options of the Service indicate that the User had a personal acquaintance with these Rules, are a declaration of User competence, and indicate that the User has accepted and unconditionally consented to these Rules. It is prohibited to use the Service without compliance with these rules.


1. A competent person who has registered an account in the Service and uploaded or downloaded files through the Service extended services is recognized as a User.


2. The Administration provides the following electronic and interactive service abilities for Users:


upload of Users own files (including images, audio and video files) to the Service and provision of access to the uploaded files for third parties;

download of files of other Service Users;

use of technical facilities of the Service for shared File Sharing with other Users and third parties;

use of the Service for File Storing;


The Service works only as a transport for file sharing and has no legal responsibility for the content of a file. If you have any questions about the content of a file, please contact the file Owner, a User who has placed it in the Service.

A payment for extended options of Service is a payment for extensive Service facilities usage, such as a wider data transfer channel, and cannot be regarded as a file content purchase payment.

To obtain extended services you must select the most suitable method of payment on the special page and then follow the instructions that are given there.


3. The User guarantees that all uploaded content via the Service:

does not contains any information, propagation of which is restricted according to current legislation;

does not violate any rights of third parties;

does not contain any messages which affront human dignity, propagandize violence or race hatred etc (we demand correspondence with social, moral and ethical principles);

does not contain viruses or other program products that contain harmful codes.

It is prohibited for the User to write or develop objectionable electronic mail (SPAM) via the Service and use expansion references to his materials placed on the Service.

4. The Administration has no legal responsibility for the content and casual coincidence with legislation of materials placed by Users within the limits of the Service. The Administration does not check the content of such materials nor check files for viruses and other program software which might be harmful for your PC and has no liability for this in case of acquirement of such files from the Service.


5. The Administration reserves its right, without prior notice, to remove foregoing materials from the Service or temporarily restrict access to them. In case of multiple violations of these Rules conditions and/or legislation requirements by a specific User, the Administration reserves its right to fully or partially disable an account of that User.

It is a violation to place any kind of materials on the service that fall under the following categories: harmful to minors in any form, including child pornography; any kind of materials or information that violate the rights of third parties to any kind of patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other property rights; any kind of materials that contain pornography (including animals), violence, and any other kind of materials of this nature. Service asfile.al prohibits publication of materials and links of service on sites that contain illegal materials, as well as any other forms of materials and information transfer that are provided to encourage illegal or obscene acts, including: gambling; illegal weapon sales; advertising or publication of materials that may violate a set of laws on sexism and racism. The service asfile.al reserves the right to immediately suspend or completely block any account or transaction that violates this agreement without notice. In addition, in case of violation of user agreement by client, the service asfile.al will actively assist law enforcement agencies and representatives of the Government in collecting and providing information about the client; about the client`s site; illegal or obscene information content; about individuals who are capable to possess or get an access to information, or try to use illegal or obscene information content. Complaints against those who violate the rules of the user agreement are being accepted by e-mail: legal@asfile.al. Each complaint will be reviewed and, depending on the type of violation, may lead to banning the user from further service without any prior notice.

6. In the case of a claim for damages by a third party of any kind in regard to violation of any patent and/or copyright, other financial or/and personal non property rights, the User must make amends in full for all the damages caused to the Administration.

7. The User agrees to receive informational E-mail messages from the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Notifications") about important events, about his account, and about files and capabilities within the limits of Service. The Administration has a liability to use Notifications only to inform about the capabilities of and changes to the Service concerning the User without use of advertisement messages via third parties.

8. After registration a User agrees with the automatic processing, usage and distribution of any personal data, specified upon registration or, next, as regards Service usage.

9. The Administration has no liability if it is impossible to use the Service functions in full.

10. The Administration is entitled to freeze in full or in part, without preliminary notification, accounts used for cheating.

11. The Administration is entitled to freeze in full or in part, without preliminary notification, users who made the referral-accounts for themselves.

12. The Administration is entitled to freeze in full or in part, without preliminary notification, accounts used for distribution of related files (different archive volumes etc.)

13. The Administration is entitled to freeze in full or in part, without preliminary notification, accounts used for distribution of files with a secret access code, which users can buy then, using an SMS-service.

14. User can purchase not more than 2 extended options of Service during 24 hours.

15. This Agreement can be modified by the Administration from time to time according to its own policy. The new version of the Agreement comes into effect and becomes mandatory for all parties from the moment of its publication on the Website http://www.asfile.al.

16. For all questions please contact our technical support service via the Website. Technical support service is avaliable on Monday - Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm CET.

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